Confidence building is simpler than it seems
BY Kris M Fuller

When I see a confident woman, I smile inside and immediately cheer her on. (Yes, girl, slay it.) I am proud of her for finding her strength and being sure of herself. She inspires me and encourages me to stand in my own strengths. One of my greatest wishes is for more women and girls to find and feel confidence within themselves earlier, with more ease and in a bolder way. 

It doesn’t come easy to everyone but the great news is, confidence is a skill and you can build it.

It’s a mindset that you can teach yourself, and once you gain your footing in this skill, you will feel more positive, more sure of yourself, and yes, more confident. (If you already ARE a confident woman, let this exercise bring you joy and reinforce your worth. And let me ask you this, who are you inspiring? Who are you cheerleading for? Women helping women is one of the most powerful connections we have. Teach, share and encourage every chance you get.) 

Positive mantras can be used to increase confidence. Affirmations can help change the way you think and feel about yourself, and eventually lead to an increase in confidence.  For the next month, use these daily affirmations to inspire you, build your confidence and encourage you to believe in yourself more. Every day do these three things: 

  1. Read it and think about yourself being it
  2. Say it out loud – say it clear and confidently 
  3. Write it down – it doesn’t matter if you write it on a napkin, post it or diary. When we write something about ourselves it strengthens our belief in it. Do it! 

Here are several one-a-day phrases to inspire and continue your confidence: 

  • I am worthy and important. 
  • I am capable of doing amazing things. 
  • I am intelligent and my ideas are excellent. 
  • I am enough. 
  • I am worthy of love, respect, and abundance.
  • I am important and my thoughts, ideas and conversations matter. 
  • I get to choose how I react to what others say or do.
  • I will never give up on myself.
  • I have within me the power to handle any situation.
  • Peace is within me always.

Make sure to always use, say or write these positive mantras for confidence in the present tense. Let these statements help and encourage you. 

It may feel uncomfortable if this is new to you, but that’s okay. I invite you to do it anyway, start today! Allow yourself to try it and know that it is okay if you are a little unsure. That is normal when you are learning or improving something! Nobody plays Beethoven in their first week of piano lessons, we don’t become fluent in a second language after one conversation abroad, we don’t run before we walk. It’s the same with confidence building. It’s a skill, a process and it will take you more than one time to build it and believe it.

And you, my darling, are worth it.