Let’s talk about sex, baby!
BY Kris M Fuller

Talking about sex with your partner is important. Get that orgasm! Enjoy your naked time together. Feel like the goddess you are! Are you making space for those conversations? Set up a time together and talk about your sex life! 

Timing is everything and you want to ensure you both feel comfortable. (I know, if you’re just starting, it can feel awkward, but remember anything new can often feel this way. You’ll get used to it, and you’ll find it gets easier with time, too… and who doesn’t want better sex?). 

Talking about sex right after sex may come across as criticizing or nitpicking. Instead, talk during a time that doesn’t involve sex. This creates a better space for you to communicate about things (without getting hurt feelings). And if someone does get hurt feelings, remind yourselves, this is a conversation about US together -as a team- about sex, not a battle between you and me. Be loving and respectful in your conversations. 

man and women in bed torso

How to talk about sex

To begin, be bold and simply try, ‘Let’s talk about sex.’ That will get their attention. Remember this is the person who wants to see you naked, wants you to feel good, wants you to be sexually fulfilled (and vice versa!). You can do it! 

If you’re feeling shy, try these talking points to break the ice

  • What is one of your favourite parts of my body?
  • What is sexier to you: smell or taste?  
  • What do I do that drives you crazy? 
  • When do you think I am the sexiest? 
  • How important do you think my orgasm is? 
  • Tell me one place that you like my mouth and tongue. 

How to pick the right time

Don’t talk about sex with your partner when: 

  • they walk in the door
  • they’re hungry or tired
  • in bed or before bedtime

Do talk about sex with your partner when:

  • You have time 
  • It’s just the two of you 
  • You are focused on the topic of sex 

When you come from a place of love and respect, it will get easier. The more you talk about it, the better it will be between the sheets.. Or on the kitchen island.. Or in the car… or wherever your sexy-little-self likes it (have you talked about that?). Happy chatting and better to sex to us all!